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Newsdesks of newspapers, radio and television - Media Release 19Nov 2007

New Accommodation Software gives Smaller Tourism Businesses a Competitive Edge

A Sydney-based IT firm has launched, an online booking system that allows small businesses to effectively compete with major reservation sites.

This new software is the equivalent of that used by the major players in travel booking. Features include first-screen availability and pricing comparison, last-minute booking options, and secure online credit card payments. 

The product's creator makes its money by charging a nominal fee (A$3.85) for each booking and the charge is made to site visitors during the booking process.

How do we know it will work? The man behind it is Dave Upton who has an extensive background in small business and particular experience in the travel industry, most recently as Co-founder and Executive Director of Thus Dave Upton knows the travel business and, most importantly, its relationship with the internet.